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 Our natural collagen supplements are extremely effective in pain relief... ask Brian who instantly from taking natural collagen supplements, was pain free, and gained a 10 fold increase in mobility...all due to natural collagen supplements, and a more healthy eating!

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The impact of Natural Collagen being similar to that naturally occurring in your body…& the process of Collagen formation – closely corresponds with and influences not only youthful appearance, immunity to disease and the body’s regenerative capacity, but also quality of life!

What is Collagen? the collagen triplets really mean - that is glycine, proline and hydroxyproline - in your natural advanced skin care regime of selecting the right collagen to use or natural skin care products.

Aches and pains – Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief! How Collagen Supplements, relieved my achy joints caused by perthes disease.

My story is I sufferred severe aches and pains in my right hip from changing weather conditions to just normal regular achy joints due to perthes disease as a kid. I took lots of pain killers the last several years and my mobility was like I was in my 90's. Having talked to many surgeons about a possible right hip replacement I thought, there has to be another wife told me to take her natural collagen supplements made from Polish native fish. Immediately from taking these natural collagen supplements the severe aches and pains that I was accustomed to began to subside, and gradually over a week to 10 days, my mobility increased 10 fold due to these "jont pain relief supplements"...but more widely know as advanced skin care natural collagen supplements, in my opinion "the best supplements for relief of aches and pains". Read more about Arthritis & relief of aches and pains

What does collagen do…pure natural collagen and advanced skin care gels and creams, and collagen supplements for advanced skin care and jont pain relief and arthritis

What does collagen do? Why fish collagen for natural skin care & joint pain relief? A technique from Poland in the 1990′s enabled extractions of collagen from fish skins at the molecular level to be kept intact, with the collagen retaining the triple helix conformation outside of the donor. In this case the collagen triple helix is maintained outside of the fishes body when extracted. The ‘live’ collagen derived from polish native fish is found to be biologically compatible with humans. Maintaining the full particle of Collagen, which no other collagen product has on the global market.

Natural Collagen Supplements – how digestible is collagen? Can the body break the natural collagen down or does the collagen simply pass straight through the body?

An unusual feature of free amino acids present in the natural collagen supplements – Invita Skin Beauty is their structure, which resembles proteins from traditional food that have already gone through the process of digestion. Proteins delivered to the gastrointestinal tract as part of the daily diet must be broken down into amino acids by digestive enzymes, all of which takes 3-5 hours. Fish collagen consumed in the form of lyophilized collagen capsules reach the blood a few minutes after the dissolution of the gelatin capsule shell. The absorption of free amino acids requires neither enzyme or hormonal activity, nor energy loss. This dietary supplement, is one of the best collagen supplements due to the collagen in the form of lyophilized collagen that comes into contact with the wall of the intestine is also absorbed. Additionally the sea algae (Fucus vesiculosus) combined with the lyophilized collagen makes this a complete dietary supplement and more then just a collagen supplement.

Who are recommended to take Colvita dietary supplements – “Natural Collagen supplements”?

As discussed above, and since free amino acids are ‘pure protein’, amino acid supplementation and taken in the form of a "natural collagen & dietary supplement" is highly recommended for children, the elderly, pregnant women, sick people, convalescents, people who are recovering from surgery, or fractures, as well as those on diets especially vegetable only diets or vegans, those involved in physical training and hard working people.

Nearly all collagen supplements available for purchase are “derived from protein hydrolysis”. Never before has there been a production of low order protein that maintains biological activity outside the donor’s body undergoing freeze drying. In the market of sports nutrition, food supplements containing collagen do not exist.

I play competitive sport and train hard, what makes natural collagen supplements different to other supplements of amino acid complexes? There are many effective collagen supplements & amino acid cocktails produced in specialised factories. However, in Eastern Europe & Russia, doctors specialised in competitive sports, familiar with biochemical construction and therapeutic effects of the natural collagen supplement, state that: “this natural collagen supplement complex is unparalleled by any other amino acid containing preparations. Not even free, isolated amino acids.” All of these supplements available for purchase are derived from protein hydrolysis. Never before has there been a production of low order protein that maintains biological activity outside the donor’s body undergoing freeze drying. In the market of sports nutrition, food supplements containing collagen do not exist. There are substances that may have come from collagen, but have been subjected to advanced processing. Natural collagen supplements can be described as the best “last minute booster” ever, as it can be taken just before competitive sport training or competition. This is due to its biochemical uniqueness, in terms of its contents (collagen – specific amino acids – hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine), and the fact that almost no energy is lost during the digestion of the collagen supplement.

Do we not get enough of the amino acids required for collagen synthesis in our normal diets anyway?

Studies from Poland and Eastern Europe have found that using the natural collagen supplement, (a lyophilized collagen from fish skin, the collagen hydrated in its tertiary form, maintaining its helix 3 confirmation) in a daily dose of .4 grams of dry collagen, we can provide the body with amino acids equal to the anabolic value of 18-20 grams of collagen hydrolysate and up to 200 grams of meat or fish. The brain ‘does not understand’ that the source of the amino acids is not meat or fish. More important is whether or not the essential amino acids reach the blood. Due to the extremely high absorption of micropeptides contained in our "natural collagen supplement", the central nervous system receives the signal much faster than during the metabolism of steak or grilled chicken.

Collagen Skin Care – Can Collagen penetrate the skin?

Natural Collagen gels - How exactly does natural collagen penetrate the skins epidermis…Read more about collagen skin care Kollagen Intensiv a great anti aging cream that guarantees to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet when using this kollagen intensive anti aging cream!

What is Collagen? That is real pure natural collagen?

Natural collagen is made of Water, Collagen, Caprylyl glycol, Lactic Acid; this is all you need to make 100% natural collagen. Which is ‘live’ collagen active & identical to that occurring naturally in your body. What is collagen?

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Best supplements for advanced skin care and aches and pains…

Skin care with dermology also great for removing fine lines and being wrinkle free.

Fish collagen supplements for natural skin care…

Fish collagen supplements from Poland are seeing many benefits worldwide from people wanting "natural skin care" solutions!

Collagen mask for face one of the best collagen gold masks, with natural collagen and pure gold

Natural collagen mask for face one of the best collagen masks for your face, unique & active ingredients, precious particles of gold, collagen, elastin & Vitamin B3 and the extremely potent moisturising properties of Sodium PCA and Hyaluronic acid. The collagen masks also includes Aloe extract, rich in essential active ingredients and Vitamin E, well-known for its efficiency in fighting free radicals.

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